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AC knob Bezels.....

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Is there anyway to replace the graphics around the temperature knob on a 2000 zx3

I am talking about the blue -> red graphic that goes around the knob that controls cool/heat.

it is very scratched up and at night it looks ugly, you can see the white light shining through the scratched areas.
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You pretty much just have to buy a new one. Unless you have a very steady painting hand.
What exactly do I need to buy? the entire panel? Where can i purchase it?

That is a silver SVT one, which I think looks better anyhow. You buy the panel and the housing together but its not too expensive.
Silver looks nice, but I would prefer the black one...but I cannot find it anywhere
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Ask someone with a ZX3 to swap with you if you have the silver one already. Is black the color of the ZX3/5 HVAC bezels?
Several people have done the ZX3/SVT swap on it, I'm sure you could find someone to sell you their stock.

Place a WTB ad.

I used to have one, but went to the SVT silver. Looks pretty good in my opinion. Sold my stock one on Ebay.

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