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AC not working !

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Heres the story, My air knob (dunno what else to call it) was only working either on full blast or off, basically it would only turn on if it was on the Number 4, all the other numbers were completely off.

This was a week or so ago, now it has gotten worse, Now it only works on 3 and I have to push the knob in with a little force to get it to stay on for a few minutes, then i guess it comes loose and i have to push it in again.

this is for normal air, heat and A/C

Brother said it was the "switch" , if this is the case is this easily replaced? and if so where can i order said switch ?

my car is 2000 zx3 and it seems as though it is all of a sudden falling apart heh.
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sounds like a bad switch. You'll have to remove the radio to pull the center bezel out. Once thats out, you'll see the control module for the AC. Thats all one piece so you'll have to get a new one of those. Not sure what it costs but I wouldnt be suprised if it was wasnt cheap.
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Does anyone know where I can purchase the switch?
also, if it's not the switch your resistor could be burnt up that controls the different levels of the switch (1-2-3-4)

When my resistor burnt up that was the symptoms, and I had to get a new one from ford and replace it. It's underneath the glove box behind the carpet...
if the blower resistor has failed the fan will only work on full speed.
Same thing happen to me, turns out the switch melted. Just get a new switch from ford.
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