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accident...whats the damage?

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was driving down my street when i came to a semi-blind turn. it was about 7:30 at night, so fairly dark. there was a car coming the other way, so i go back fully in my lane instead of kind of in the middle and right then my friend yells "WATCH OUT" and there are like 7 people standing in my lane IN THE ROAD wearing all black, never saw them...put on the brakes, car slid (roads somewhat wet) and slammed into the curb completely flat at about 25-30mph. anyways, the damage is this: my front passenger wheel is bent about 5 degrees inward (positive camber?). ie. the top of the wheel is poking out of the wheel well. my steering wheel is 1/4 turn left to go straight, and has no on-center feel. brakes don't feel right, and the car makes a horrible grinding noise when driving. im guessing bent control arm and steering system issues as well? anyone have similar experiences and want to make guesses?
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There's alot of stuff that's up there. The grinding could be as simple as the plastic dirt shild rubbing on your accessory belt, though I doubt it. Just take it to a good shop and hope it's not to $$$.
just as an update, i was able to look at it during the day today and it is most likely not the tire rubbing. nor is it any belts, it is vehicle-speed dependent. tomorrow or tuesday i plan to jack it up and see what there is to be seen. im fully expecting a bent LCA (at the least) due to how the wheel is sitting.
Next time this happens.........DON'T STOP!!!!!!!

looking back, i shouldn't have...they all got out of the way, if i had just driven straight, i would have been fine and they would have been fine. but that is a decision i could have never come to at the time.
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Possibly a bent strut as well there. It'll be bent right where the bottom of the strut enters the knuckle.
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