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Asia's Curse Upon Rural America
Bella Machina Wio (Italian slang means nice
car buddy)
Big Mexican Women
Big motorized wheelbarrow
Break My Windows
Bring Money With
Buy My Wife
Black Man Walking
Black Mans Wish
Big Ugly Indestructible Compact Killer
Cheapest Heap Ever Visioned Yet
Chastised Heavily (by) Everyone Young
Chevrolet- cracked head every valve rattles oil leaks
Drops Oil Dodgy Gearbox Exploded
Drips Oil Drips Grease Everywhere
Dead On Day Guarantee Expires
Everyone Voices Opinions
[censored] Ignition And Tacho
Fix It Again Tony
Failure in Italian Automotive Technology
Feeling Old Really Dead
Frequently Overheating Road Dwellers
Focus- Ford's Only Car Under Suspicion
Fast Only <when> Revved Dangerously
Fried Oil, Rusted Dreadfully
Fatto Oggi Rotto Domani (In Italian it
means made today broken tomorrow)
Fashioned Out of Recycled Dung
First On Race Day
F'd On Race Day
Focus On Road Driving
Found On Road Dead
Fixed Or Repaired Daily
Found OJ and Ron's DNA in
Driver Returns On Foot
Driver Repeatedly On Foot
F'd Over Rebuilt Dodge
Fast Only Rolling Downhill
Got Mechanic Coming
Gay Men Crusin'
Garbage Mans Creation
Garbage Mans Cadillac
Heavy Outlay Nasty Depreciation Also
Homos Only, No Drivers Allowed
Had One Never Drove Again
How Odd, No Damn Acceleration
Important Notice For Idiots Not Into Image
Italian Retard Out Cruising
Its Really Only a Camaro
Just Enough Extra Parts
Korean Inept Automobile / Atrocity / abortion etc....
Killed In Action
Keeled over In Action
Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious
My Old Plymouth Ain't Running'
More Old Parts And Rust
no power
more parts
Now Includes, Speed, Style and Nimbleness
Nasty Inept Sedans (for) Students and Numbskulls
Poor Old N****r Thought Its Another Cadillac
Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything
Stupid Ass Turd Usually Runs Nasty
Shafted up beyond all reasonable use
Sex Varies Timely

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Repeatedly, Everyone Posted One Similar Thread

2,907 Posts
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yeah i know its a repost of sorts. i posted it the first time. i wana know if any one has any more! yeash

6,296 Posts
yeah i just wanted to be able to do that
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