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Adjustable Shocks/Struts...

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Next spring I'm going to be looking for some good adjustable shocks and struts (by adjustable i mean damping)to compilment my Tien springs. I know of two companies that make adjustable shocks and they are KYB's AGX series and the Koni shock and strut combo.

Does anyone else know of any other companies that make adjustable shocks/struts?

And if anyone can give me feedback on either of these (I've used KYBs before but that was on a Civic)items or anyone similar item I much appriciate it!

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Spax makes some adjustables...
Thanks blueSVT2911..
I took a look at them on and all I can say is WOW!
For that price I'll try them but (I know someone asked this question before) has anyone tried them yet? Feedback? Thanks!
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I have them on the rear of my car--regular Spax up front. They are decent, IMO, especially for the price.
I just ordered mine to go with my h&r's. I hope I like 'em.
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