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Adjusting idle speed on a stock TB ??

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Can it be done ??
I'm really getting tire of my car stalling every time I stop !!

Also, someone told me to make sure my EGR valve is tight ??? I have a Kamikaze race header and I don't know wich hole is the EGR ?? Can I get help on that one too !!

Thanks for reading,
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tech this 1 down to noresull and the boyz in team tech, much more response

if you're dying at idle, then its likely that you're running lean due to a vacuum leak.....

long story short to answer your question... no theres no way to adjust idle speed... its computer controlled.
Well, to explain a little more than Todd did, you can screw with the adjustments on your idle, but the ECU "knows" idle should be at a certain RPM and will re-adjust accordingly. So basically you are just wasting your time.
I had a really bad idle problem, and it ended up being a vacuum hose behind the block, below the intake manifold. The line got a tiny hole in it, then collapsed on itself from the vacuum pressure, and preceded to wreck havoc on my car!
Well, not really havoc but it was a pain in the ass!
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Thanks for your replies. So I would have to look under the manifold for a leak in one of the tubes ?? Any other place I should look that would be the cause for that problem or this should be it ??

Thanks again,
Check in the Team Tech forum, and see if anyone knows of any other places you should check for vacuum leaks.

Latre, Al
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