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AEM cold air intake and WATER

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I got a AEM CAI for my 02 SVT focus, I was driving down the road the day after i got it and it started raining and the next thing I couldn't rev past 5,000RMPs and then it just dies. So i tried the old trick of pulling the spark plugs and didn't get anything out. so like a little baby i ran home got my original intake put it on and called ford. after sitting there for 2 hours they said "oh it just started for us. SO What do I do,I'm scared to just this Intake again, What are my options?. thanks
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get a bypass valve and a splash shield...the bypass is abotu 40 bucks...the splashshield u can get for about 14 bucks on ebay...
what about other intakes, I read something about that being an AEM thing??
It started raining? You would have to go through about a foot or so of water, if you car rides at stock height to get hydrolock!!. Think of it like this, if your trying to suck water out of a straw, and even if the straw sits just over the water, you still wont get any water... For some reason i dont think a splash shield matters, maybee as a debris sheild?
I had the AEM for 1 yr...bypass and splashshield...and yes...both work the shield actually keeps alot of water from the filter....
why were you reving to 5K on the wet roads anyways? But yeah bypass valve should definately work...i guess the shield best to keep it cleaner longer..
After what I went through, a bypass is a must.
i switched from AEM to the FocusSport Cool Flo. Best thing i did for my SVT.
I have an AEM and instead of installing the shiz myself I had a shop put on the bypass. Well dummy me didn't even bother to look at what they had done, was in a hurry. Got home and they put the bypass by the damn throttle body. At the time I didn't know it wasn't supposed to go there. I don't know how many people have told me that is not the place that it goes. And about 4 or 5 times it has rained my car stalls have to wait about an hour then it will start up. It sucks. Gotta by a new intake.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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