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With AEM just getting production of the 2.3L Duratec Intakes going I figured it was time to do a group buy for ALL AEM intakes for the Ford Focus.

The Rules:
The group buy will run from 8/9/05 to 8/30/05. I will collect all the information from you guys and keep them stored in my computer until 8/30/05. On 8/30 I will write up and charge everyone for their intakes for the prices listed below. The intakes will then be ordered/shipped from AEM to me...where I will ship them to you guys. By doing this I can offer FREE SHIPPING on everything.

The prices:
Cold Air Kit
1-5 orders = 260.91
6+ = 249.81
Short Ram Kit
1-5 orders = 178.89
6+ = 173.12

Cold Air Kit
1-5 orders = 282.72
6+ = 273.60
Short Ram Kit
1-5 orders = 184.36
6+ = 178.41

Duratec 2.3L-
Cold Air Kit
1-5 orders = 250.58
6+ = 242.50

Please call 1-800-291-4071 and ask for x.144 or me...Gabe!(yes its a honda store) If you cant get ahold of me for some reason, send me a PM here and I will call you back.

If everything goes good with this group buy...I may extend it a little farther for any stragglers.

John Eagle Performance
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