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I do know that it's more than hitting a barrier at 60 because that would just be your speed you need to multiply that because because both objects are moving, but I think there is more to factor in...ahh hell just to be different I'll say yah it's like hitting a [email protected] 120
I’m just going to post Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action.”

So, hitting the wall at 120 mph, the wall is going hit you back at 120 mph, giving you totally different force. For example Lets say it takes 40 (N) to push on the wall, the wall will push on you with the same force 40 (n). You are going to experience force of 80 (N) not applying friction force. But If and only if you over come the friction force, you will eventually move the wall
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