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All this talk about a national or seminational get together.....

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All this talk about a national or seminational get together got me to searching on the internet for decent tracks near decently sized cities, and the most centrally located cities in the country would have to be St. Louis or Kansas City. Looking at tracks that where in these town where easy, and having the g2g at these locations would be easy also, seeing that there are plenty of hotels, and many parking spots at the tracks

Here are some road track maps at the various locations, i know the STL one also has a 1/4 mile track also

Gateway international just east of STL, MO

This one near KC In topeka

I know that it would be hard to get these for like a weekend say, and i dont think they will listen to us unless we have a list of people that would be willing to go so would anyone be interested in going? Given i would need help on setting this up.

It is just an idea, and after the colubia meet in MO we had a pretty good trun out for just meeting in a park and driving around..

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Re: All this talk about a national or seminational get together.

this track looks like soo much fun:
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Seems like a really cool idea...give me an idea of when and I'd love to go, just a matter of money really and whether or not i'm gona drive a focus with a 12 gallon tank from jersey to St. Louis or Topeka...I'd prolly trailor mine jus tto make things easier.

I'd be willing to look into going. autox and drag strip would a really sweet thing to go to if you see like 200-400 or more foci all flying around.
This past summer's J-Body Bash was at Gateway. I had some friends that went, and from what they have said, it would be a great place for a huge G2G.
Houston! We can have a FOTB there, and you've got Baytown just up the road, with a nice 1/4 mile drag strip right at sealevel. Cool!
That KC track looks hella sweet!!! [/cartman]
Here comes my suggestion of the Oklahoma City or Tulsa area. About 35 miles west of Tulsa is Hallett Motor Racing Circuit:

Plus in Tulsa is the Tulsa Speedway for the drag racing fun. Hey, if Car and Driver can have a stop for their One Lap of America in Tulsa, I'm sure Tulsa could host a Focus G2G.

Besides, Tulsa isn't a huge city so it is easy to get around and find things.
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