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someone pls help me, I tried whole day, can't get the Alternator removed.

The Rear bolt is just too long to remove, I already lowed the engine to where the side panel had the deepest cavity, I tried to jack the engine very up, lowering it very down, moving it back and forth...but I can't move the bolt any further out...the bolt is still caught in the engine frame (probably 1/4" or a few mm left on the frame)
Even after I pried the alternator lose, the Alternator will still rotate around the rear bolt...

I watched a couple video on people removing the Zetec Alternator, I can't imagine some one can remove it with out removing the engine mounts
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Seriously, how do you guys removed the alternator? Why the hack does ford made the bolt so long that it just bolt into nothing?
If no other solution, I guess I can only cut the bolt with a hacksaw blade...
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