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Hi All! Some of you guys on here really, really know the 4F27E, which is fast becoming my least favorite transmission. I have had 3 or 4 Fords with the 4F27E, and all have had various issues. I did replace one with a yard trans, but have yet to rebuild a 4F27E, so I pretty much know only the very basics of transmissions. Plus doing this on the garage floor is getting tough. My current Ford is a 2006 Focus ZXW, which otherwise is pretty nice, and my run-around car. 80K miles and runs pretty well. BUT, it has a very distinctive rap, or rattle (it varies) on only the 2-3 upshift. The shift itself is fine mechanically, and feel, it just makes this annoying noise as if something is loose. Predictably I guess, my local shop says it needs to be rebuilt, but after having read a fair amount about this transmission, I am not sure my problem isnt in the VB, or band. I really dont want to tear it down completely, if I can do something without pulling it out of the car, like band, VB, endcover, etc, that has a high probability of success. By the way, it doesnt make the noise when cold, only after the trans is warmed up, then it's pretty noticeable. And more noisy if you shift with very light throttle when you give it time to shift. If you shift 2-3 under heavy throttle, it shifts so fast you almost cant hear it.

I know I could just replace it with a yard trans, or rebuild, but I am hoping I can find the source of this without going this far. Any ideas from you obviously very smart 4F27E gurus?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.....!!!!

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