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Another DSI cable here & dealer praise

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Well, what I thought was the tranny making thumping and squealing noises, turned out to be the DSI cable. Which is just odd. Oh well I have to give big props to Galpin Ford, for getting my car back on the road so fast. My car was in service for a total of 2 days and they already replaced the cable.
They also had the chance to tear apart the transmission and tell me that I still have a very decent amount of clutch material left on there, which is good. They did not charge me for taking out my clutch to inspect it, nor did they charge me anything other than the $12 a day optional renters coverage on my Saturd L200.

Once again WTG Galpin Ford, thanks for getting my car ready so fast. I can say now that I highly reccommend this "mod fiendly" service dept.
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Glad to hear that man. After going to about half a dozen "no mods at all" dealers, I finally got the good service @ Team Ford here in Atlanta. Its a bit of a drive but I think its worth it. Im takin the ride there from now on... Where else is a dealer with a DYNO inside??

PS- I got a Sentra
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