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ANOTHER motor mount post

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heh heh...

What does the VF motor mount COMPUTE to, as in HP and lbs. #s?


How many tenths will the motor mount take off my time?

heh heh, I want to feel like I just spent I mean made a good investment.

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A motor mount will not give you any power.
its a "drivetrain" thing.

Its about smoother shifting, better wheel response. Things that you can't quantify.

Find someone around with one... you'll notice a difference!
I lost about .1 seconds on the 1/8th mile. Mostly because this thing helped me reduce wheelhop a bit. I'm running a 9.6 with just a 50 shot of nitrous on a stock 5 speed (and a motor mount and SVT coilsprings).
lost a tenth say what? Boo I don't like that!
lost a tenth say what? Boo I don't like that!
A tenth of a second isn't bad for a set of $20 motor mount inserts. Not to mention that the car shifts a whole hell of a lot smoother under hard acceleration now, and the motor no longer flops around under the hood like a dead fish.
O you bought the inserts.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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