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Another S2 sticker

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ok i need another s2 sticker for a good price. The price from the dealer is $30.66 for one. This is the part number 1S4Z,5442528,AA but it's not on or anything.
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get a picture of it and find a vinyl shop in your area and they can make it for you A LOT cheaper.
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what is that S2 sticker?? peace
Replace the commas with dashes and has it.


But with shipping it's more than the dealer price. So you're better off getting it from the dealer.
what is that S2 sticker?? peace
it's the badging that comes on the s2 edition focus.
You just need one? I can send you one for free. You can even pick different colors if you want.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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