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another What now post...

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Here's a list of mods as of right now:
FS 4-1 Headers
FS Exhaust
Diablosport chip
FS U/D pulley
Custom intake
Lowering Springs
Final goal: Turbo (probably Tom's)

I don't want anything I am not going to use in the long run (except the headers
) and I want to keep it a daily driver. I wanted to get cams and adj gears to tune it after I got the turbo. It's currently an auto, but within 6 months will be a manual.
My ideas:
FC 65mm T/B
70mm MAFS
FC Intake manifold
Rear disc conversion
Eibach pro kit
Any suggestions?
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You are missing a flexpipe. you need one. then get a T/B
I'd get the flex pipe and just sit on the car for a while. The TB is different for autos and 5spds anyway.
I have the flex pipe, just counted that as part of the headers I guess.

About the t/b, how is the auto and manual different? I have both stock ones and there is a design difference but it looks like it's just the bracket that really matters though. I put the mod'ed manual t/b on the auto and it was fine for about 5 minutes, then it started to act like there was a leak. It would start reving, and just build until like 5k rpms. I figured it was a difference in the electronics, is the aftermarket t/b's the same?
I might just go with cams and gears then find a dyno, since it will be unchanged for nearly 6 months.
it has to do with the positioning of the tps I believe.The auto and manual have different mounting points for the TPS.
how could it be the mounting points? The sensor might be saying something different, but the sensor itself is in the same location on both. I don't think I understand, do you mean physically or electronic position?
on my FC TB, there are three different positions you can mount the TPS physically on the TB. They are different depending on what year and hat transmission. I know that FC has changed the design some since my model. I beleive they now have different parts for the different transmissions instead of a universal part with multiple mounting points.
yeah the new fc tb's will fit autos and 5spds.
FC intake manifold you would never benifit from without Cams
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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