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anybody in here trying to goto skyline drive one weekend?

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just wondering if you all like doing that or ever been for car purposes?
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We have done quite a few Skyline meets but have kind of played them out a little. I think we are taking this fall off but I am already thinking of getting something going for next spring.
thats cool. when you all go up there do you all just chill or run around hitting turns or what? I never been up there w/a group of people so thats why i'm wondering...
come over to summit point for our race 11/19 for the enduro
We usually just go for a drive all the way up to where you get on 33 and then part from there. In between we stop and cook-out and BS for a while then stop at some overlooks for some pics. Fun times.
Aaron, I think we should try to plan one for the spring.
^^^ I'm with you guys!

We already did a sort of "mini-Skyline" camping trip/meet this fall, but the entire Maryland contingent didn't make it because I got sick the day we were supposed to leave and no one else was brave enough to lead the other five cars down!

But Skyline is always a good time. Got lots of great action picks of groups of us flying around those turns!

BTW, Jason . . . you still trying to sell those springs? Gimme a call if you are!
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