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Anybody know anything about the cheap HID kits on ebay?

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Hey guys,

Has anybody ever tried or heard anything about those cheaper HID kits on Ebay?
They have the hi & low beam hid kits for around $140 US.

Now I know these aren't going to be hardcore good quality, but will they actually be decent light output?

HID's don't give off much heat right? So technically these would work in the stock headlight (although I know its illegal).

Can anybody shed some light on this?
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you get what you pay for.
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our headlight housings were never designed for HID light output, so no matter how cheap, or expensive the kits are, the light output will still be sh*tty, dont do it.
The answer to the power of the stock light wiring harness is easy just buy a new wiring harness that can deal with the power. Its what I had to do when I saw my plastic connector melting.
The best thing to do IMHO, is to save up for the Real MACH HID's and use those. Hearing from people here on the jet about the cheap junk kits is not worth it. Go for the Real Focus MACH HID's instead. That would be your best bet.
i know three people who bought them and they had to replace the wiring harness you get what u pay for i guess
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