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Anyone has MBRP exhaust on their SVT?

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I just want to know if anyone is running with the MBRP exhaust on their SVT. If you do, how does it sound and perform? Picture of the whole cat-back on or without the car will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I got it and love it. SOunds really nice. I have MBRP 2.5 inch and AEM CAI. THe combination is really nice. CHeck my link out and you can see the back of the car, thats the only pic I have right now. If I find my sound clip I will let you know.
if you have a chance, will you take some close up picture of your exhaust? Maybe from the side or under the car with the whole system. Also, where did you buy it and how much? Thanks.

yeah sunday I will take some pics. I bought it directly from MBRP, they are out of canada. CHeck the banner at the top of the page for the link.
It is a loud mofo, but I like it. My neighbors on the other hand . . . Seriously, it is scary loud. I downshift just to hear it snap, crackle, and pop.

The AEM CAI and MBRP do make more power - don't know if this combo has been dynoed, but you'll definately feel it. I ordered mine through McNews Automotive for about $350.

Good luck!
geezzzz....if i decide to get the off road pipe too, then my whole neighbor will hear me coming or leaving home. How's the quality of the exhaust, nice or bad?

Yup,it's loud.
But it sounds pretty tough

And the quality is great.

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I have the MBRP going on my car soon. I bought it from CTA Motorsports in Brampton. I was wondering how much the exhaust will stick out with the SVT Rear bumper that I just put on my car, By the above pics it looks like a perfect fitment, but I need to know 100% before i put it on.
NY BLACK ZX3, Thanks for the pics, It looks to be a perfect fitment, did you shorten the exhaust at all, or is that the original length?
That's the way it came.
I love this thing
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