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Anyone in Phoenix?

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I am looking for any help you can offer. I just got accepted to MMI in Phoenix. I live in Michigan, and have never been out west. I am working on securing a place to live, and a job out there. My question is this... Can anyone tell me anything special about living out there? Anything I should know? Whats the average wage out there? Average rent for a one bedroom apartment? Anything at all. Thanks.


P.S. How are the girls out there?
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Re: Anyone is Phoenix?

Sending this there.
Re: Anyone is Phoenix?

Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the speedy move.
Expect around $650 for a decent one bedroom. Maybe a little more. Average wage depends on the field. I was making $9.50 as a cook at a family restaurant, $10.50 to start at Home Depot. But if it's professional it'll be different obviously. Check and drop 5k off what they say for realism.
Can anyone tell me anything special about living out there? Anything I should know? Whats the average wage out there? Average rent for a one bedroom apartment? Anything at all. How are the girls out there?
What's MMI? What’s so special about the Dez: no natural disasters but heat. We're the fifth biggest city in the US so there's plenty to do and many opportunities to choose from. IMO the cost of living is minimal to average for such a big metropolitan area (although that is changing). Our booming housing market is starting to flatten out so rental rates are on the rise. On average you’ll probably put seven bills down on a good one bedroom apartment a month. The girls are great especially if you live in Gilbert where the guy to girl ratio is 2:1
. Not to mention the Dez. is a very active place on the board, so when are you moving out
? Anything else?

the Dirt Brown Kona in Arizona
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MMI is Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. I cant wait to get out there. I hate michigan's weather. I am in the process of buying a Nissan 280SX and hopefully I can refine my drifting technique.
you can get a studio apartment with all utilites paid for 400-500 a month around phoenix....i make 14.00 an hr at my job
I live in North Phoenix area, my 1bdrm is just under 500 a month and comes with a Fireplace
I make just under 15hr.
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Girls in Phoenix are HOTT!
I cant wait. I want to move out there asap. But I need to secure a place to live and a job 1st.
I live a few blocks from MMI. At shift change it sounds like a race track closing down for the night and all the pent up energy getting let loose in about a 5 min melee.

Oh Yeah, no snow, and pretty much no cold. No 'Michigan' cold anyway.

There a quite a few apartment complexes around MMI, if you want some names PM me and I'll get a list of them for you.
get a servers job at a restaurant (if you're atleast 19) that pays great!
I am 23. Actually serving is my fallback option. I may just have to go for that.
do you still work for circuit city like stated in your bio??? if so you may be able to put in for a transfer.
no, not anymore. I worked there for 2 years, so I could probably get a job there. Hmmmm....
there are circuit city's all over the vally and there are other electronics retailers all over as well. if MMI is in the north vally there are many choices within reasonable driveing distance. i.e. the area around 75th ave and Bell. or in to Scotsdale.

so when do you start MMI?
There is a brand new Circuit City at Happy Valley and the 17 witch is only 2 exits north of MMI. Only about 10min door to door from the school. There are lot of appartments on Rosegarden that are catering to the students at MMI that are only blocks from the school. Check with MMI they should be able to direct you in the right direction.
I start MMI feb 27th. I got a PM from someone on this board telling me that they needed a roomate as of dec 1st. Which would work out, but they havent contacted me back yet, so I dont know if they were serious. Other than soon as I have a place to live, and a job, I am moving down there.

Trust me,youll love AZ way better than MI. Im sure you grew up in MI,but you will mos def love AZ,I know I did. These guys do something almost every weekend. Just stay away from The River during the Summer
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