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anyone interested in a civic hatch project?

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b18c5 block
civic type r pistons and rods
edelbrock intake
chikara header
ported polished b16 head
crower cams
skunk2 cam gears
skunk2 valve train
LS integra trans
chipped p28ecu
full headerback exhaust(no cat, reason for cel)
front strut brace
del sol seats
17" enkei rims

NEEDS. carpet, kickpanels, hood. and some TLC. runs and drives fine.

pm me for more info

looking to sell or trade for parts for my svt.
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Hmmm...Im pretty interested. I'll talk to you about it online
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first 2500. need it gone soon. got bills to pay
check your pm's man
hey man what kinda parts are u looking for??? i got tons of parts... maybe we could work something out for like some parts some cash... if this car runs and drives fairly good i would be interested... im not too far from you either... pm me some stuff u may be looking for n i'll see what i can dig up...

replied to pms.
SOHC ZC swap, new cluth, new brakes, new tires, new alternator. Intake, exhaust, new o2 sensor, passes emissions (3 months ago), cd player, rockford amplifier, bazooka tube nitrous 8inch sub color changing paint. few other minor things here and there..
let me know if your interested in this and pm me if you are and how much money you'd want. body has 121k miles on it, and motor has 60k.

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Sean you need to bring the car by so i can look at it
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Sean you need to bring the car by so i can look at it
lets not whore my thread now.
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mtwn03svt are you interested in my crx + cash? if so PM me and let me know whats going on
pm sent.
Please use the classifieds for these types of posts.
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