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Anyone near London ON?

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I've seen a few Foci around London and I'm seeing if everyone wants to get together in the spring. I've got in touch with 2 other SVTFs owners so far.
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Also in London, will be selling my Foci come May/June though!
For another Focus? Mabye? Yes? :)
Likely a 2013 Genesis 2.0.... let the shunning begin...
No shunning. It's a nice car, but I was looking for other focus guys to hangout with :)
does Port Huron count lol its a bit far from London tho...
Port Huron is a lot closer than Toronto. I also go there quite often to pick up car parts.
Scarborough here
Some of us in the canadian scene are on focuscanada though we're here too. We're just more active there! Some of us autocross and track too. Hell theres even an svt drivetrain swapped wagon on the forums!

As far as owners go, i know of one in bradford, few around guelph (gfxjamie), and more in hamilton. Going the other way, toronto got a bunch and ottawa has a few owners too.
im in Hamilton, but can meet half way or something
Yep I'm from cambridge and there's a few in Guelph also. Were pretty spread out lol

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Ugh we are pretty spread out. I've been in pretty regular contact with a guy who has a Silver SVT in Kitchener.

I'm also on FC. I've wanted to come to a Massive Monday meet but it's a long way to drive on a Monday :p
Come up to cambridge sometime, maybe organize a meet here because it's central to Toronto, Hamilton, London, Guelph and Kitchener lol

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Yeah yeah leave Ottawa outta that eh.

we'll just do our own thing here then lol
Jokes aside it would be fun to have an Ontario wide meet. Anyone up for organizing something? :p
Would be more worthwhile posting this on focus canada

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