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Anyone running FC Race header with SVT Catback?

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Does anybody run a race header (on a ZX3 Zetec) with a stock SVT cat back?

I am thinking about running one instead of my Vibrant/Magnaflow abortion for an exhaust system to quite down the race header. The FS stealth system is kind of pricey for a non-ss system. I can pick up a used svt system for way less than the FS stealth costs.

Any info on the sound, annoying resonance, and installing would be great.
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If nobody is running that system, could anyone tell me if a race header equipped ZX3 with either magnaflow or vibrant is louder than a SVT with an offroad pipe? (specifically around the 3000rpm mark and highway cruising)

That will help me out too.
I am running a race header with FC flex pipe and magnaflow catback. It sounded like crap so i put a high flow cat on the midpipe. It toned it down, but it still sounds pretty bad. will probably get a high flow resinator or something soon because it sounds really bad.
I liked my old exhaust setup i had before.
race header with resinator cut off and a coffee can muffler. It sounded so much better, although loud as hell. Im sure i pissed off my neighbors because i had to be at work at 7 am each morning.
but yes. running race header with magnaflow will give you a very loud and very bad farting noise.
I am thinking about the high flow cat idea next. There is an SVT exhaust for sale, and it is cheaper than the cat. This might worth a shot, and if it still sucks, than add a cat.
I added the magnaflow resonator to my Vibrant system, and it only made it quieter at idle and above 4000rpm. It did nothing to stop the 3000rpm noise. The old system I had was an Apexi N1, no cat, no res, and it sounded so nice. Once every kid and his friend added that style muffler to their, mine had to go. The salt from winter also starting eating the non ss piping.
The vibrant with the race header is not kind on the ears or the neighbors.
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If you can get the SVT cat back so cheap, just get the SVT header and aftermarket ORP. It'll give you power and the SVT header looks sweet as hell. Check the SVT forum down the page - they have a parts list and I'm sure the SVT header is on that parts list.

You probably won't want to get rid of your header though, so you'll have to do some custom fabbin'. The only problem you're going to come across is flange problems. You'll have to weld a stock flange on the SVT exhaust so the two can match up.
I have a few extra 2 1/4" ID exhaust flanges left over from other projects, so I will weld that onto the end of the SVT system then bolt that to my FC Flex pipe.

Eventually, I would like to go with the SVT header with a high flow cat. I would do that now, but I bought a house last month and the budget for the car is limited.

Thanks for the info.

Anyone heard this system to give input on sound level and quality? I heard that Nader had one, but he is no longer at FC or on the Jet.
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