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I was last year; still am.

Pros: Free product, Free Show entry, weekend expenses covered. Access to "industry" parties and events. Greater exposure at shows due to booth location etc.

Cons: Doing what they say. They call up on a Friday morning and want you in Montreal 8hrs away by Friday night, you have to leave work cancel you plans and go. What do you do when two sponsors want you on there booth the same weekend, or a two different shows? Happened to me 4 times last year. They want to demo and get exposure for their product for me that meant people climbing in and out of my car all weekend so that they could demo the stereo. I went though two batteries and an alternator, related to running the stereo at 100% all weekend. I had to replace the parts. Most sponsors will ask you to work the booth all weekend, I had to do that with Clarion.
My typical weekend was leaving Friday morning, getting to the show, setting up the booth, cleaning the cars. Working all day on the booth on Saturday and Sunday. Driving home after cleaning up the booth Sunday night so that I can get work Monday morning.

Would I go after major sponsors Showing for me it was just something I wanted to try. Sure I won a few shows and got in a number of magazines but it wasn't for me. This year I ended my relationships with Clarion, Ford, Valvoline, Eagle One, Meguires and and BFG.

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