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Anyone use ngk sparkplugs on there jrsc svt? part #?

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i was talkin to a couple of ppl and they were tellin me to run ngks.I know its all about what u prefer but if someoen has used the ngks whats the number for them and do they come in 1 degree colder for our cars thanks in advance
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Most people on here run the MotorCraft AZFS22CY4 copper plugs for ALL FI apps

EDIT: Sorry it should be AZFS22CF4..... I cant type for crap
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hey i was wondering if the spark plug

MotorCraft AZFS22CY4

is it a 1 degree colder plug? and im guessing i can just pick it up at a ford dealer.

also i thought the lower the number the hotter the plug?

and is this plug 1 degree colder for the SVT?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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