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Anyone want some focus models?

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In Fort Myers

I've got like 7 or so, plus a "tuner garage" with parts and stuff. Ranging in size from matchbox to the big blue with yellow accent one that I'm sure everyone has seen. I don't know the scale though.

Anyone want them?
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ill take em.. ill pm yah!
they're yours if you want them. No, I don't want any money for them. (per your PM)

btw, you still working off winkler extension? I used to see your silver focus with the RMJ sticker. Haven't seen it in a while though.

We'll just have to figure out a place to meet up to give them to you.
i would to get one of a wrc model, do u have any? with a wing like mine?, thank you
2392531558, naples, fl
yeh im still workin ther ill be ther all day from 7-330 tomm if ur goin by there..

thanks man!
Sorry, I don't have any WRC models. But they're all spoken for anyway;)

Tomorrow is bad for me, but PM me your cell (or nextel if you got one) and I'll try to track you down thurs.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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