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Anything cool in Grand Rapids?

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I might be going up to Grand Rapids sometime this coming month. Taking a beautiful lady out for dinner somewhere. Anyone have any recommendations?

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Yes - try San Chez Tapas Bistro right downtown. It's awesome Spanish style cuisine. And then hit up "The BOB" something like 7 bars in one Big Old Building, or Taps is a pretty cool bar with something like 30 different beers "on tap."
San Chez is dirty

The 1913 Room, Sygnis (no clue on spelling), and The Black Rose Irish pub are all good. Oh, so is Charlie's Crab. The BOB is the place to go for fun after dinner, but there are alot of great places to eat in there. The BOB also has a comedy club up stairs, and a dance club on the main floor.
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Vote #3 for The BOB.

Depending on what atmosphere you want with dinner, I'd even suggest eating there.
Great food at most of the restaraunts in there.
Judson's Steakhouse is quite upscale with excellent food.
Bobarino's has really good and unique pizza and other Italian food.
It's a great place with just about something for everyone.
Check out their web page.

Find a place to park downtown and hit the streets. There is a ton to do down there.
Within a very short walk of The BOB, there are other clubs/bars/restaraunts.
I really like the nightlive "vibe" of downtown right now.

What are you looking to do? In fairly close proximity, you have the Symphony, a Theater (musicals and plays, not movies), VanAndel Arena with Hockey, and possibly a concert or two(ex. Def Leppard on the 24th).

Where are you from? Are you familier with GR at all?
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Thanks guys. I'm from Indianapolis. I'm looking for something quiet and possibly a little dark so she can't see me. I'm scary looking. Nice and romantic. She's not much into the bar thing, me either so that is cool. Might check out the symphony up there. Ours here is going to be playing looney tunes music on the 18th. I wish she could come down for that. Sounds like a cool place to go. I've never been to grand rapids at all. I have seen the exit for it so I guess that is something right? Maybe not. Is the VanAndel Arena cool? there is a concert there I would like to take her too. If she will go. I hope she will.

Grand Rapids does have a great Symphony.
Check out for more info.

Dark and Romantic... Hmm
BRZX3R's recommendations would be good.
1913 Room, Sygnis, and Charlie's Crab are all good choices.

Actually, The BOB could still be an option. It's not really a typical bar. It's fairly upscale, nice atmosphere...

I'm not sure about the San Chez Tapas Bistro. Sounds dark and possibly romantic. I've never been there.
I've heard there are a few good Bistros downtown.
I'm sure there are other good restaraunts downtown, just can't think of them right now.

Sounds like she's already up here. Is she close to any specific part of the GR Area?
There might be different options depending on where exactly in GR you are or want to go.

Also, the Lakeshore is only about 30-40 minutes away from GR. Lots of cool places out that direction, even in the winter.

VanAndel Area is very cool. I've been to a few concerts and hockey games. My college graduation was held there.
I haven't spent as much time there as I would like to.
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she works downtown. right near many of the places listed. I didn't have any idea grand rapids was so big and had so much stuff. Might see about taking her to a concert at that area and maybe dinner somewhere. Too bad she can't come to the symphony here. They are playing all music from looney tunes cartoons and showing them on big screens at the same time. What a night that would be. great music, beautiful great lady and looney tunes.

I was at San chez a few years ago, it was fairly loud and lots of action from the waitstaff. I did not like the Tapas eating style, too many small plates, and not enough food. After I left, I hit up a burger joint.

If you are looking to drive out to the lakeshore (Grand Haven), its about a 30-45min drive from downtown. Grand Haven has the Kirby and The Grille Room. Both are my favorite places to go, and are owned by the same company that owns the BOB. The food is really good. The Kirby is more of an upscale bar, but has a really great dining area. K2 upstairs at Kirby has wood fired pizza's and pool tables. The Grille Room requires reservations, and is a very modern upscale place to eat. My wife and I used to go there alot, until we decided that owning 2 houses is more fun than owning just one.

Check out Grand Haven if you get the chance, it is a very popular tourist town. Grand Rapids is a great place, the downtown is alot of fun. Shoot me a pm if you need directions from Grand Rapids to any of the Grand Haven resturants.

Good luck
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I have to admit, that Looney Tunes programs sounds great!
It would be the perfect "Date Night" program. Funny, and takes you back to your childhood.

Grand Rapids is getting to be a pretty great place to be.
The downtown is starting to really starting prosper.
It's great too that pretty much everything is within walking distance.

Grand Haven is probably one of the coolest places around here. Just great and laid back.
The Kirby is great! I haven't been there in a while, but just like BRZX3R said, it's got a lot of options (like The BOB) and it's has a great atmosphere.
Plus, you can take a cold romantic walk on the beach after dinner.
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I have to admit, that Looney Tunes programs sounds great!
It would be the perfect "Date Night" program. Funny, and takes you back to your childhood.
childhood nothing, that is only earlier this week. I love cartoons. Sounds like a lot of cool places to go up in them thar parts.

Hey - don't forget Holland either. We've got a couple interesting bar/restaurants downtown - and it's probably one of the "cutest" downtowns around. San Chez is a little loud, but it's all about the atmosphere - it's best to go with 8-12 people, everybody orders 2-3 things and passes it around. It's actually quite fun, but probably not with 2 people. As for entertainment, my in-laws just went to the Opera "Turandot" (or something like that) downtown and they loved it, not sure how long it's here or when you're coming, but you may check it out.

Monty's, The Cambridge Room (and the brewery next to it) and Waterworks are all fairly dark, low key bars.

Have fun.
I was thinking of going to the trans-siberian orchestra concert there.

Transiberian orchestra puts on an amazing show!
I'm thinking about going too.

Get your tickets as quick as you can, they are going fast... Even with two shows this year.
Kalamazoo has a lot of cool things to do and see as well.

For example, Dale Chihuly is being exhibited at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. Amanda's been bugging me to go see it for months. Maybe this Sunday we'll hit it (we're a block from the place!).

The downtown has a bunch of cool restauraunts and brewpubs. Plus TWO piano bars (one next door to the other).

Good luck with the date (it is a date, right?).
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I went last year down here in Indy. I don't know if I'm going to do this or not. I don't have any place to stay and the cost to drive up and back will be as much as the tickets I think.

well maybe I will try to make it. I'll just eat popcorn and rice for a few weeks. Not much change from what I do now though.

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