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Are you noticing reduced mileage?

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I know a lot of you might have seen my other thread:;f=12;t=005039
about my fuel line break at the tank.

Fuel Pump replaced at 12000 and 40000 miles.

Before the line break, I had been averaging about 28 mpg.

Now that I'm on my 3rd fuel pump (had to just buy the whole freaking assembly
) My gas mileage has jumped up to 32 mpg. No change in driving habits either.

I looked at my old pump and checked the prescreener.. Freaking super dirty.
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Shiva Chaos, when or I should say what month did you experience this increase in mileage?

If your state mandates the use of either MTBE or ETBE in the fuel, generally April is the month they stop blending it into the fuel and your overall mileage per tank increases by a few mpg's.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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