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Attn: JRSC W/2.3 pulley belt size again please help!

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Got in touch with Jackson today and have some info, the stock belt is the Bando 6pk2540, the 6 stands for the # of ribs,the 2540 stands for size in MM which = approx 100 inches.

Now the next sizes are:

6pk2530 = 99.682 inches
6pk2525 = 99.485 inches
6pk2515 = 99.091 inches

What is the correct size, i should get? Please help with some suggestions, i need to get it soon, install is the 8th of november!
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Whats the stock pulley size?
I beleive the stock pulley size is three inches, not totally sure maybe 3.5 i will find out.
Yes, stock is 3".
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