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atx shift knobs how to?????

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does anyone have a how-to on cutting down the factory atx shifter, putting on new knob, and relocating the o/d button. also, by doing this, do u lose the lil reverse lockout thingy (u kno, where if the car is in drive, you cant bump it into reverse). Juss wonderin since there prolly wont be a button to push on some of them. any help would be great
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check out
I did this a while ago. It is easy you just gotta take careful measurements. I used a pipe cutter and a dremel to do it. You need to remove the shifter and pull out the plastic rod in the shifter. I cut the plastic rod down the size I wanted and cut the exact much off the metal shifter. You then have to knotch out the top of the metal shifter like it was. Replace it back together and make sure it is seated properly then mark and tap for the screw that holds the shifter on.

I cut mine down as short as it would go came out pretty nice.

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