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Automatic Lock Shutoff????

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Anyone know of how to shut off the automatic locks on an 03 svt 5door? Everytime I go to the other side to let my little one out, the door is self locked. Real pain when its raining and you are fiddling around with the remote.

P.s. New to this form, just bought my 03 svt 5door used in perfect condtion with 6600 kms!
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The dealer has to turn it off using a scan tool, and will probably charge you an hour of labor to do it. I thought it was sort of a rip off, but I was there when the mechanic did it, and he had to go through about a dozen menu's to get to the point necessary. On the plus side, it worked with no future problems.
I think it tells you in the handbook how to do it.
Go to

There's a do it yourself article on the subject.

Thanks, just had quick look at there is wire splicing said if I do this would screw up the warranty! May take to them to flash it...pain in the ass!
why not hit the unlock button before you get out of the car to let him out?

unless I miss understand what you are saying.
my first reply ... google link did not seem to take.
try googlin' on this phrase:
"perimeter alarm is disarmed"
I think it tells you in the handbook how to do it.
That's where I got the info to turn mine off.
(Owner's Manual)

Here's the procedure (Note: From the 2004 Owner's Manual)
To deactivate/reactivate the autolock feature using the power door unlock control.
You must complete steps 1-7 within 30 seconds or the procedure will have to be repeated.
If the procedure needs to be repeated, you must wait 30 seconds.
1. Turn the ignition key to ON.
2. Press the power door unlock control three times.
3. Turn the ignition key from ON to OFF.
4. Press the power door unlock control three times.
5. Turn the ignition back to ON. The horn will chirp.
6. Press the unlock control, then press the lock control.
The horn will chirp once if autolock was deactivated or twice (one short and one long chirp) if autolock was activated.
7. Turn the ignition to OFF.
The horn will chirp once to confirm the procedure is complete.
Kind of cumbersome, but it works.
Wow! Thanks. I will definitely try it. Don't have my owners manual, never came with the car. Get one off ebay I guess!
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no, you do understand, I am just too lazy to remember to do it!
Let us know if it works.
There could very well be a different procedure for different years.
As noted, I posted the instructions from a 2004 manual.

Don't have my owners manual, never came with the car. Get one off ebay I guess!
For the standard owner's manual in PDF format...>>>Clicky
To order a hard copy...>>>Clicky
To order the SVT Supplement...>>>Clicky
(all links are for 2003, since I see that's the year you have)
It works on 2002's Thanks a lot, I have hated that since the moment I drove it off the lot. If I wanted my doors locked I am quite able to do it myself!!!
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