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AutoWeek rumor...SAAB to use Subaru engine in upcoming 9-2

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I was getting my daily dose of auto news today and stumbled across this article in AutoWeek: Product in the pipeline: Saab set to add Subie-powered 9-2


Tentatively scheduled as a 2006 model—but maybe as a 2005 entry—the 9-2 lineup will include a sportwagon plus three- and five-door hatchbacks similar in size to the Ford Focus and VW Golf...

Sources say Saab will sign a deal in March with Subaru holding company Fuji Heavy Industries to build a Subaru Impreza-like car with a boxer-four engine and tag it as the 9-2...

Another ramification is the long-awaited chance for Saab to return to the world rallying scene it abandoned in 1980—with a four-wheel-drive 9-2.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I know GM has a holding in Fuji Heavy Industries and OnStar is available in Outbacks, but Subaru has been left pretty autonomous up until now...not quite the same for SAAB (i.e. 9-3) but if GM is going to use SAAB to compete with VW Golf's and Ford Foci, Ford better make the '04 Focus an AWD version of the RS.
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Ford will have a Focus platform based AWD car but it will have the Volvo badge on it:
Dynamics of the next generation S40 will allow Volvo to enter the BMW 3-series class from two fronts; from below with the S40 and from above with the S60. The Ford Focus already has what is said to be the industry's best small car handling, so it would be expected that the future S40 would have the same. Engines will not be shared with the Focus, however, because Volvo wants to show some independence from Ford. The car will supposedly offer all 5-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, ranging for a 130 hp 1.5 liter to a 200 hp 2.5 liter. Transmissions to be offered will include a 6-speed manual and a 5-speed "geartronic" automatic/maunal. An "R" version is being considered for this car, with All Wheel Drive (also to be offered on other versions of the car) and a storming 250 hp engine. Excited yet?
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">That is from

Why would you expect Ford to compete with Saab using the Ford nameplate when it owns Volvo?
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