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Average price for painting front bumper?

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I want to get an SVT front for my ZX3 and want to know what an average price would be to get it painted liquid grey. Also is the ford racing price of $399 the best deal out there?
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Just call around to some local body shops. Tell them you need paint and labor costs for a bumper and give em your vin number. They should be able to give you an estimate. If you can find one in good shape that's already painted, it will save you money because they can just sand the existing paint rather than have to apply primer.

It really depends on your area too. I know some parts of the country you can get a bumper painted for 150 bux. I called around here when i had to have a new rear bumper and the LOWEST price i got JUST FOR PAINT was $400 dollars.

Of course if you have a buddy with a shop or know someone in the business that's your cheapest possible route.
Typically about $300-$400, also depends on shop, it's best if you have a referral, some places that charge alot still do an ass job.
I know some places that will charge about $80 to do front and rear ... but I don't know how the quality is
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i paid like 200 for my euro bumper.

quality was "serviceable"
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