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Hello everybody, I have a 2011 se with about 110k and the instrument cluster intermittently will read TPMS fault, sometimes random indicators (parking brake, open door, seat belt, etc) will randomly illuminate as well.

Now, I have ruled the sensors out and I am focusing on the gauge cluster and cable. With my dash opened up and the vehicle on, I can tap the wire harness going into the cluster and the issue temporarily subsides. Is there a possibility the connector is a little screwy and needs to be repaired OR should i go ahead and have a new cluster reprogrammed?

This issue has been ongoing all summer and prohibits the function of my AC whenever the alert goes off. I even went to the extent of removing the dash speaker due to the chime going off every 10 seconds.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated, I have no idea what to do at this point. Thank you
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