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Been here awhile. Why not post a couple pics...

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haha funny guy... nice whip bro its bad as hell,.. put up some more pics if ya could
Very, very nice! Infra Red is one of my favorite SVTF colors. I also like your choice in wheels, compliments the car nicely. One thing I don't understand is that why Ford did not go ahead and just paint the rear hatch molding red to go with the car? But its Ford so, I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.
Thanks for the compliments. Yea, I wonder about the hatch strip as well. They painted them in '03 and '04, but not in '02.
nice svt. clean and simple, just the way an svt should be.

looks real good. nice and clean.
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it looks very clean...sometimes i wish i had an SVTF
Hey Chris! Nice rims! Are you still at UTI? I graduated UTI and Ford FACT September 16.

Car looks really good, keep it clean!
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Yup...still there. Can't wait to graduate.
Lookin good

maybe just lower it now and it'll be a really sharp ride.
I'm gonna get the H&R Cup Kit for it when I get the money. That should lower it enough.
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Lookin good Chris.
. Haven't seen you in a while. Where you been hanging out at? You still workin at Carmax?
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wow nice..i love that dark dark tint
Thanks Milton! Yea, I still work at Carmax. There is usually a meet on Friday's at the Sonic right after Aldine-Westfield.
nice man.
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