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Before..& After [56k no no]

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dumb question, is that the same child...none the less, great looking either way
Looks a little too much like mike in the last picture though....
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haha yeah its the same child
he is 6 months now.. haha i should hope he looks like mike.. haha seeing how he is the daddy and all
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Awwww ... how sweet!

Here's Mia:

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ohhh it loaded
she is so cute...

so how is that thing going.. nothing really looks swollen anymore..

baby mike is huge.. he is in size 5 shoes and thoes are size 18 month pants on him.. they are loose on the tummy hehe he is 20 lbs 12 oz
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Her Lymphedema is doing great. It has alot to do with the weather & how she's able to dress though, so we'll see what happens as it continues to stay cool. When it's cold & she has to dress warm (meaning long sleeves since it's her right arm that's affected), it tends to make her swell more. Hopefully that won't happen, but only time will tell.

Geez, he's definitely a big boy! LOL Mia is just making her way into size 4 shoes & size 24 months clothes. She's 22lbs (16 months).

How's it going having two? Does Abby try to help with her brother alot?
haha yeah... she is wonderful with him.. she loves him.. she gets burp cloth (he has terrible reflux) when he spits up.. haha and passies and she tries to burp him and plays with him on the floor..

im glad her lymphedema is doing well
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