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best pistons and rods to use on silver top focus engine?

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need a set of pistoons and con rods for my 2.0 litre zetec silver top focus engine (pre 99)

can anyone recommend a place that ships to england..

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silver top?

Do you mean the ST170/SVT zetec?
The Pre-2000 euro-Foci had similar valvecovers to the unpainted aluminum cover on the early Contour/Mystiques.... a silver top if you will. far as best pistons and rods?

That depends on budget and intended use as far as selecting the right compression ratio for N/A, turbo, etc.
sorry i should of given a bit more info, yes its the european version as im in england and thats what there called over

also it's going to be turbocharged and needs to be around 8:2:1 compression..

i have got machiners to be able to skim the pistons to required compression if needed..

Diamond will make any comp ratio you want.

Eagle is the way to go for good rods without the high price tag.

They have showed they can handle upwarsd 400whp

Also upgrade the main caps to billet and use ARP hardware whereever possible.

- Drew
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yeah mcnews has all that, at some point i will be building my short block and will be using eagle H-beam rods and diamond pistons with total seal rings for supercharging. O and look in to the CGI block if you can(they have that too)it's what the WRC cars used and its much stronger. good luck -Jon
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my mate has just build his with a CGI (carbon Graphic Impregnated) block and WRC I beam rods and MAHLE pistons, very strong, with have been running our cars on on escort cosworth engine management and P8 WRC ecu's, with anti lag ect..

could you tell me if any of them companys ship to england, and also most say 00-04 engines, could you tell me if these make pistons and rods for pre 2000 engines.. thanks
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I think that most places that sell in the states only say 00-04 because thats when the Focus was available stateside. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work in a 99 Zetec.
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if its a 2.0 the same rods and pistons will work if its a 1.8 u may have do some work to the block
some people have been telling me that 00-04 pistons wont work in a pre 2000 block.. confused now. lol
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