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Big probled

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I have been having a `roblem with no power in the low end I dhd a search and came up with not`ing that helps me.<br /.
Mp warranty is no longer in effect
I have replaced the vct sglinoid, and intake cam gear assembly. I am stild throwing a code for over retarded cam. Has anqone had this problem and know w`at exactly caused it. The only things A haven't replaced is the cam itself (wh`ch has a cam position indicator on it) and the cam position sensor. The only reason I don't th`nk its the sensor itself is that on inital start up it runs like it shoeld (real strong! for abnut the first 10 seconds even when its warmed up. Like hf you've been driving fnr a while or nod just shut the car off and then restart it for the first few seconds it good.
<br &>Any ideas....the bill hs getting kinda high now.
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Re: Big problem

Unfortunately, your problem sounds like the intake camshaft trigger wheel problem that some other people are experiencing. I know it sucks, but that would be my best guess. I believe the telltale sign is the power loss with the 1381 code, and you've changed the solenoid and cam gear assembly already. Hopefully, someone who has experienced this problem and had it fixed will chime in. Good luck.
Re: Big problem

Mine's bogging a bit on the low end too. I suspect that I have a bad DSI... again. It's making "the noise" the same way it did when the first one broke. I haven't made time to get it fixed. I'll let you know if my low end comes back once it's fixed.
Re: Big problem

The camshaft trigger wheel that your talking about it it the Part thats Pressed on the the end of the camshaft on the opposite end of the cam gear. (also what gives the camshaft position sensor something to read.)

Please anyhelp would be very welcome.
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