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BMW Terracotta leather in a focus?

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I was considering getting a leather interior. I have an 05 ZX3 with an all balck Interior. BMW has these seats on the X3 called Terracotta Montana leather that are like orangish red. They look stunning to me!

Plus they only made the leather and door panels the color so if I was to orded it at auto or somehting it would look kinda factory, O have silver accents just like the BMW but I wonder would it all work? My exterior is red and the interior is black and I think the interior color would look stellar with the seats? Whatta yah think? How much would it ost to have a local place make the seats in that color leather?
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id order from and do it yourself. not hard to install.
I heard its not hard but I dont seem to see that color as an avalible option, Plus BMW leather is verry texturized and had a dry look and most autoleather interiors i have seen are a less grany texture and have like a shine on them, im trying to shoot for as close to if not the same leather, or is the leathers all the same?
Yah but BMW seats while I thing dimentionally in the front may fit yah the back would be an issue, Im thinking reskin?
Go with a reskin. Also look into the Volvo leather interior color. The S60 has an option for Atacama leather interior which is a very similar shade, but I think it looks 100x better than the Bimmer shade.

There is also a very cool interior color option for only the S60R called Nordkap Black/Blue. Very deep blue leather which supposedly has a faint metallic hue to it. Haven't seen it in person, but looks absolutely stunning in pictures.

Can't find any pictures online, but when you build your own on the Volvo website you can see the shade.
wow Phocus I love that dark color and I agree the s60 shade is better. Hopefully I can score the seats for x-mas!
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