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Buick Lesabre

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A good friend at work is buying a 1997 Buick Lesabre.
Anyone know of any quality issues or other concerns with this car.
It is going to be his wife's car so he wants to make sure it is very reliable and safe.
Also any one know how to get a free carfax report.

Thanks in advance.

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I had a 93 Buick LeSabre until I got my Focus in August. It was my father's before he got a new car 2 years ago, then I started driving it.

The car has ~175k miles on it and has had no major problems. It had the suspension replaced at ~80k, the alternator replaced at ~110k, and the water pump replaced at ~140k.

Obviously the handling on the car is poor, especially when you're used to Focus, but it's been a solid, reliable car for me. I don't think quality has dropped off for GM recently, but I really don't know.

tough cars. drove my friends dads lesabre for a night. i think it was a '94 or '95. you can't feel the road. i would actually aim for potholes to see if i could feel them. nope. but if you drive it in anger (like getting lost for 4 hours and wanting to sleep at 430 am) you can drift em without too much trouble. haha. plus, at speed, the turning radius is like a normal 2 lane road. solid, just way too floaty.
If it has the 3.8 3800 series engine from GM (which I think they all have right? not sure) that engine is gonna last a looooong while.
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