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We've been very busy with many thing here at the shop including the ST. A little while ago we posted some photos and video of our ST catback and our downpipe. We've since then made a couple of changes and also added another tip option. We also have finished our "hot pipe" for the intercooler.

Below you will see the first shot of the intercooler pipe and also some updated photos of the downpipe & catback.

Pricing and official release will be VERRRRRY soon!

Buschur Racing 2 1/2" Lower IC Pipe:

Buschur Racing 3" to 2 1/2" stainless steel downpipe w/ flex:

Buschur Racing 2 1/2" ST Catback exhaust w/ interchangeable tips: (pictured with oval)

Dual 3 1/2" tips:

Oval 6" tip:

The sound of the exhaust components will remain the same.


Buschur Racing ST Cold Air Intake

Buschur Racing Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade

Thank you for looking, keep an eye out for the official release!

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Nice updates. Looking forward to these getting onto consumer vehicles .

- Drew
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