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Hey guys!

I am slow to get this posted up. About a month ago we released our FMIC for the Focus ST.

We've used the best core in the business, same thing we use on our record setting EVO's, a true Garrett bar and plate core. The intercooler is built here in house, uses fab'd end tanks and is a direct replacement for the stock unit.

The core is 24"x10.5"x3.5" and is rated and 750 whp. We did datalogs of intake air temps before and after the intercooler swap and the changes were incredible. In a single 4th gear pull on our dyno with the stock tiny FMIC we saw intake temps rise 114 degrees to 176 degrees!!!! After the intercooler swap the same 4th gear pull started at 122 degrees and ended at only 127 degrees. HUGE decrease in intake temps.

These are available now and we have already sold and shipped a few. No cutting required, works with the factory and aftermarket intercooler pipes.

The FMIC is only $629 shipped!

Here's a link to order:
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