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Just got this e-mail from NASA about the event.

Note: Everyone must sign the waiver and wear a wrist band for the entire event. This indicates you have signed the waiver. You will not be allowed anywhere in the paddock or restricted areas without this. Group wrist bands will have different colors and be given at group meetings. You must wear both. You may be asked to sign multiple waivers for NASA and Cal Speed.

This is information regarding the NASA event on March 17 & 18 at California Speedway. We are racing at California Speedway's 2.8 mile road course. This email is confirming your participation. You may get this email in duplicate which is OK. You may also receive this email if you have cancelled your entry. Track information is at

You are required to know all this information to participate in this event. If you do anything in violation to the rules below, you may be asked to leave. This is a very big event and we ask that you Pay Attention to instructions. Do not reply to this email with questions. You will not get a response.

1. Registration will take place in the Drivers Lounge Building (end of garage #2, See Map)

a) All drivers must check into Registration for this event to sign a waiver and get a wristband.

Note: If you are preregistered, and obtained a tech sticker you do not need to do anything other than sign the waiver and attend your scheduled meetings.

I) Friday- Registration will be open from 9AM-5PM. Please consult the garage assignment sheet before moving into a garage stall.

II) Saturday/Sunday- Follow the instructions below.

HPDE?-"Preteched"- 1) Bring completed tech form to tech official and get tech sticker 2) Attend HPDE drivers meeting at time specified on schedule.

HPDE- "Trackside Tech"- 1) Bring your car to impound for inspection by 7:00 AM. 2) Car will be inspected, tech form will be signed and you will be given a tech sticker. 3) Attend HPDE drivers meeting at time specified on schedule. 4) Make sure your tech sticker is on your car when you line up in pregrid.?

2. Drivers Meetings- Check Schedule
a)Race- All drivers must report to the drivers meeting at the specified time and roll will be taken.

3. Transponders- (Transponders not used in HPDE 1&2)
We are using the AMB timing system. This is the red transponder which you must have to race. If you have your own transponder, you should have filled out the number when you registered. If you did not fill this number out please email the transponder number with car number and class to [email protected] If you rented a unit, you must pickup at registration.

4. Tech Inspection
Download the tech form and bring it to an authorized tech inspection location or bring to the track and we will tech the car in the morning. Please arrive by 7:00AM for tech.

5. Schedule

6 Garage Assignments
NOTE: Parking Spaces across from garage stalls are reserved for the garage space renter.

7. Announcements
A loudspeaker system will be set up for announcements.

8. Arrival, Parking, Gate Fee, RV info
All NASA participants must enter the track through the main gate. Track will be open 24Hours from Thursday- Sunday. There is no gate fee or admission charge. RV parking is allowed in the RV area and you are welcome to use the power hookups. Please try and pit with your class or group.

9. Paddock Maps and Traffic Flow
Please consult the diagram located here.
Please note that you can park RV'S or HPDE cars in the entire section that says RV Parking/HPDE Pits. All drivers will be required to follow the one way directions to enter and exit the track. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH CONES OR BARRICADES. Speed limit is 5MPH in the paddock. Anyone caught speeding will be penalized

10. Garage Rental
The garage rental is $99.00 for the weekend. All garages are currently rented. Check with registration to see if any come available.

11. Other Important Stuff
A) Fuel pumps will be open and will serve 91, 100 and 112 Octane. Pumps will be open at 8:00am- 4:00PM. Fill gas cans so you don't need to make multiple trips. Cash or check only. Cost of fuel is $5.00 for 91 and $7.00 for 98 or 112
B) Tire service WILL be available from Toyo Only and tire truck will be in garage area
C) Animals are NOT allowed at the track. If you bring one you will be asked to leave.
D) Food Service will be available at the track.
E) Oil dump is located at the track across from garage #3
F) Do not litter. Leave your pit space clean or be charged $100.00

Looking forward to a great weekend,

Ryan Flaherty
[email protected]

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I have not received any email. I remember in my receipt I was supposed to receive an email 3 days prior to the event.

Bradley Allen
brads74jimmy at hotmail dotcom
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