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calling the dezert for help

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okay i got my intake intalled (
go fast goodies are bad they make you want more
) and now i was thinking whats next for the focus should i

A. cosworth header and flex
B. H&R cup kit

i know what i can get faster and cheaper but i wanted some opinions Massive you have both if you could chime in it would be great thanks guys
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I like option C all of the above.
you are probally going to end up doing them both anyways.
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I'd say go with B first
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C. is the option that will happen eventually thanks for the tip massive suspension has been on the list for awhile just not that important to me i guess after the incident
though i have thought more seriously about it i guess
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You won't be disappointed in either, but I'd say suspension first, then more go fast stuff!
IF YOU want to be able to go fasster the carhas to be able to keep upwith thepower, so i'd say suspension and brakes first, yes, i kiinda screwed up myscheme too.
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