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Cams combination

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I've read this on an other thread

The profile is different so the valves open more and longer on the higher stage. Although, I called FC about a couple things and they said that the stage 1 and 2 crower exhaust camshaft for the focus have identical profiles. The zetec engine seems to react well with a large intake cam and a smaller exhaust. On their project turbo focus, they are using stage 3 intake cam and stock exhaust cam and i think they are up to 490 hp or something right now. They dyno tested the [censored] and that was the best combination that they came up with.
If I keep my cat stage 2 intake cam and replace the exhaust cam for the stock one, would it give me more power, or almost more torque???

Thanks for your help, and for the cams specs...
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I was the one who said that.
Only way to find out is to take it to a dyno, but i doubt it would help.
FC's project focus had a lot more stuff done to the motor, such as pistons, better manifold, modified computer, not to mention turbocharged.
No I wouldnt do it. Your cams are very well balanced. Crowers are exhaust heavy. And Ford racing/crane are not very well thought out. But the Cat cams are excellent. If you would decide to pull your exhaust cam you would loose peak torqrue/topend and gain 3000 rpm and less torque. but not alot mayby 2-3 ft lbs.
And Ford racing/crane are not very well thought out.
-I beg to differ. My crane /FR cams produced 144hp and 143tq. stock head. stock intake manifold. they are good street cam. I just wouldn't build a racecar w/ em.
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