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ok so my wiper cowling is warped. that plastic piece sticks up like a half inch on the passenger side.

how much is this to replace? or can i just glue the mofo down?
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i bet the pins up by the window are not in corectly.
either that or it broke off...try pressing down on the circle that looks like it's capping off something...If i remember correctly, there is a ball connector there that goes in a socket for securing the cowl down.
ok i'll check that. hopefully it's that instead of the whole piece just warping.

currently i have a whole lotta packaging tape covering up the gap lol. it's held up so far and it's raining pretty good.

on a side note, i always thought the seal around the window was a lot more than just a piece of plastic! i can actually look at the end of my dash from the inside and see daylight under the windshield where that hole is!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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