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Car leans to the left

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Hi all,

Just noticed the other day that my car leans to the left with me being the only person in the car. (very little leaning with another person in the co-driver's seat) When the road leans slightly to the left the tilt gets even worse.

So I went under the car again to check if something is broken. It turns out my left front spring is not fully "rotated in" to the end of the suspension socket (about 2 inches away) and my right spring is about 1/2 an inch out to the socket. Could this make the car "softer" on the left? or is it time to replace my struts? Currently I live in new jersey and am 400 miles away from the original dealer (who did the rusted spring recall). What should I do?

The car is a 2001 zx3 with 37000 miles and 4 winters in salty Upstate NY roads. Two front endlinks have been replaced. Rusted/broken front springs have also been replaced last year.
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I dont know if your car was covered under the recall, ford did recall for problems with the front springs breaking. I would call your ford dealler they would be able to help. or at least be able to tell you if it is covered.
tks for the advice.
By the way, do you think that it is normal to have space between the end of spring and the suspension socket?
Goto your local ford dealer with your VIN....they can search to see if your coil springs were covered under the recall...if need new coil springs...(front or back)....look at your tires as well...see if the gap from the fender and the tire is smaller than the rest...if so...there is your brokebn need to replace both though...not just one..Have a good one...

Probably covered...mine was
sorry...basicly just reposted Broke's post...didnt read it first..sorry man
my car did this even with aftermarket springs.
jptech, did you replace the struts also?
Maybe go on a diet?????
I am only 160 pounds, the benefits of doing so are marginal
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