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Car stalling shifting into gear ...

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... sorry for the non-focus-ness of this post - my mom just called me upset and annoyed - when she tries to shift her car into Drive, it stalls. It starts just fine, but stalls once she tries to shift into Drive. It's a 98 mustang gt w/ 60K on it ... any thoughts?
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Could be a whole bunch of different things.
First thing that comes to my mind is possibly torque
converter locked up.
But it could be a ton of other possibilities.
Could possibly be an IAC valve. Does it stall when she gives it just a little bit of gas? have her start it in neutral and hold the RPM at 1200, then shift in to drive (with left foot on brake and right foot on gas) and see if it still stalls. If not, more than likely an Idle Air Control Valve.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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