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Car Stalling when going into drive

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Not in a focus, but unless the rules changed its still ok for me to post this

Its in a 1994ish Dodge Spirit, V6 with an auto tranny. Idles cool, no probs there. But when you put it in gear the car will stall. Currently I have NO additional information to go along with this so I can't elaborate like if it happens when warm, cold, uphill, etc. I will as soon as possible though. This is just for my girlfriends parents. I've never dealt with anything like this so I can't think of anything off hand other than say a bad torque converter or something along those lines. I know it has new IAC, TPS and some other minor sensors and such.

Anyone ever experience anything like this?
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please change the title so that people like me would not get fooled to comming here. it seems more like a ploy of getting me here than for me to even have to write on this post.
What are you crying about? Why should I change the title? Is the title not Exactly my problem? Did I put "hey, check out the cool....." then post a problem? No, I didn't. I asked for help, and then you reply crying to me that you feel tricked or something. If you feel somehow tricked then you weren't reading very well were you?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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