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I did some research today and felt it might be helpful to others looking at air intakes or other modifications that might affect emissions. I am considering installing an aftermarket air intake, but found it confusing identifying which manufacturers have approved intakes and which do not. In California, vehicles are required to pass a visual inspection of emission related components when the car is smog tested every two years. Law enforcement officials can also cite vehicle owners for tampering with smog related equipment. After-market components can be certified by CARB (California Air Resources Board) and are granted an exemption to emission control system anti-tampering laws by Executive Order (EO). An EO applies to specific modifications to be installed on specific emission controlled vehicles. I found a web site, maintained by CARB that identifies all current EOs for different types of modifications...

Air intakes currently covered by EO are as follows:

AEM, model 21-450 & 22-450, ZTEC years 2000, 2001
K&N, model 57-2526-1 ZTEC years 2000, 2001
K&N, model 57-2526-1 ZTEC years 2000 - 2002
K&N, model 57-2526 ZTEC years 2000, 2001
IceMan, model FCS ZTEC years 2000
MAC Products, model 3222,3223,3221 ZTEC years 2000

Some manufacturers did not re-certify after initially certifying a 2000 model Focus. I don’t know if this makes much difference since the Focus design didn’t change much, but if someone wanted to make a point of it, they could.

Some popular air intake manufactures are not on the list, so I called them...

Volant states that they have a CARB application pending and expect approval by January 2003

Ingen states that they have a CARB application pending for the Generation III cold air box system and expect approval in the next 3 weeks The person I spoke with was a sales guy, and I got the feeling he was just blowing smoke. I know Ingen was recruiting Focus owners for CARB testing, so I believe they are serious about getting approval, I’m just not sure when.

FocusSport CoolFlo is not CARB approved, and the person I spoke with said they have no plans to apply for it.
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